Friday, 09 Oct 2015
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IT solutions for small businesses & Every Day people

A little creativity and a lot of innovation will push your idea a long way!

Projects we embark on span any where from a few hours to months! We treat every website as design master piece, incorporating the personality of the owner and the expectations of the the viewer into the design. So weather you are small business owner looking to expand or an individual looking to take your hobby to the next level Drex has the just the right solution for you.

you can chose from one of our prepackage products or get an individual quote from our online design quote provided by

People often have the misconception that you need a lot of money to develop a customized solution for your business. This is not entirely true in today’s world. With so many opensource technologies available to choose from, we can work you through picking the right solution that will provide you with the efficiency you need and the security you can’t afford to do without.

We are patriots of opensource technology and have several products designed inhouse that we are so generous to shear withthe opensource community.


Our team of dedicated IT specialists will work with you every step of the way to build a solution around your business and finances.